The rhythm of our church is rooted in the ways of Jesus. We believe Jesus taught that every human life has dignity no matter the race, gender, or social economic status. Even in our sin and brokenness, Jesus died on our behalf so that we might have an abundant, eternal life. As we orient ourselves to Jesus, we believe he has called us to live out our faith in three very distinct ways: worship, justice, discipleship



Movement Communities exist to cultivate intimate social space where someone’s soul can be nurtured to wholeness and maturity, as they work out the vision God has for their life in a safe small group setting. A Movement Community is a small group of 5-12 people who are committed to following Jesus together by practicing the 7 rhythms together.

  1. Daily Study

  2. Prayer

  3. Freedom From Strongholds

  4. Sacrificial Generosity

  5. Justice Acts (Serve the City)

  6. Share Your Story

  7. Celebration



Justice is all about acting on the life Jesus called us to live, by taking care of our neighbors. Jesus took a stand for the weak, marginalized, and poor and we believe we are to do the same. The justice of Jesus demands that we feed the hungry, adopt the orphaned, stand against bigotry and hate, and love our neighbors through action. We are captivated by a God who took on flesh and washed the feet of the ones who would betray him. In fact, we do not think there is a more compelling image. Justice calls us out to cross racial barriers, gender barriers, political barriers, and economic barriers in order to love our neighbors and stand up for their value and dignity. We wield no weapon, but that of mercy. 



Our gathering is about creating safe space for you to get together with others and celebrate the good news of Jesus in the form of a weekly, worship experience. We like to call it our “rally point” because it gives us unique influence to build momentum for the vision of our church. It’s also a place to make friends and grow towards Jesus together.